Gourmet Altitudes: SWISS’s Airlines Winter Culinary Collaboration with Chef Michéle Müller

Roger Hohl
Roger Hohl
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Swiss International Air Lines (SWISS) is elevating its inflight dining experience this winter with a unique culinary program, “SWISS Taste of Switzerland.” This seasonal delight, commencing today, offers premium passengers on outbound long-haul flights a chance to indulge in the gastronomic excellence of Canton Obwalden, curated by Michéle Müller, the executive chef at the opulent Kempinski Palace Engelberg.

Michéle Müller, a chef with a distinguished international culinary background, is at the helm of the kitchen at Kempinski Palace Engelberg, a five-star superior hotel nestled in the heart of the Central Swiss Alps and part of the esteemed Kempinski Group. For SWISS, Müller brings her unique style, blending her global experiences and inspirations from the hotel’s menus. Her creations for SWISS First, SWISS Business, and even SWISS Premium Economy passengers reflect a confluence of Swiss tradition and innovative culinary techniques.

(c) Swiss International Airlines / Michéle Müller (Executive chef Kempinski Palace Engelberg)

Julia Hillenbrand, Head of Brand Experience at SWISS, expresses her enthusiasm about the collaboration with Müller. She highlights Müller’s knack for surprising ingredients and classic dishes reinterpreted with a distinctive flair. These culinary offerings are not just meals but experiences that promise to leave passengers with lasting impressions of Switzerland’s rich culinary heritage.

Müller’s own journey, particularly her years spent in the Middle East, heavily influences her approach to cooking. Her dishes are a testament to this, as she skillfully integrates exotic spices into classic recipes, creating something new yet familiar. This season, her talents are showcased in the skies, offering a taste of her culinary prowess to SWISS’s international passengers.

A Gourmet Experience Above the Clouds

The inflight menu is a gastronome’s delight. Business Class passengers can relish a beef tenderloin with za’atar spices and date jus, complemented by mashed potatoes with harissa, carrots, and romanesco. First Class guests are treated to a refined dish of salmon trout with beurre noisette, enhanced with smoked almond cream, parsley potatoes, and cauliflower.

Not to be outdone, SWISS Premium Economy travelers will enjoy a three-course meal inspired by the Obwalden region. The menu features marinated chicken with honey and a lentil ragout, local Obwalden cheese, and concludes with a dessert of chocolate gingerbread paired with red wine pear compote.

(c) Swiss International Airlines

A Journey Through Switzerland’s Culinary Landscape

For 21 years, SWISS has been taking its passengers on an epicurean journey through Switzerland’s diverse regions. Every quarter, a new acclaimed chef is invited to showcase their region’s culinary specialties, focusing on local and seasonal ingredients. Accompanied by regional wines and cheeses, these meals offer passengers a chance to explore Switzerland’s rich gastronomic landscape from the comfort of their seats.

The ‘SWISS Taste of Switzerland’ program has successfully integrated 82 guest chefs representing all 26 Swiss cantons. This initiative not only elevates the inflight dining experience but also celebrates the diversity and richness of Swiss cuisine.

With the winter chapter of ‘SWISS Taste of Switzerland,’ Müller and SWISS are setting a high bar for inflight dining, offering passengers a memorable journey through the flavors of Switzerland. This unique culinary adventure in the skies is a testament to SWISS’s commitment to excellence and innovation in passenger experience.

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