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Roger Hohl
Roger Hohl
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The first of its kind: With the opening of Hotel Jen Orchardgateway in Singapore on September 15, 2014, the Asian group Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts launched its new brand, Hotel Jen. The four-star hotel is located directly above Singapore’s latest shopping mall, the Orchardgateway, on the famous Orchard Road. In the top ten floors of the new complex, 502 bright rooms with floor-to-ceiling windows offer unobstructed views. As special highlights, two large pools, a Kneipp pool, and the Baywatch@Jen Bar with fantastic panoramic views of the city’s rooftops invite guests to relax on the hotel’s rooftop terrace. Visitors can experience a culinary mix of local specialties and international classics at the Makan@Jen Restaurant.

Over the coming months, the Shangri-La Group’s existing Traders properties will gradually transform into Jen hotels: Hong Kong and Brisbane in October 2014; Manila and Penang in November 2014. Johor Bahru, MalĂ©, Beijing, and Shenyang will follow by March 2015.

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Shortly after the opening of Hotel Jen Orchardgateway Singapore, General Manager Herve Duboscq raves: “The first guests have already arrived, and we are excited to see how the concept is working in practice. My team and I are in a state of excitement!”. Hotel Jen appeals to the “new JENeration,” young, trendy travelers who expect a good standard, modern technology, and simple processes from a hotel. The virtual, travel- and adventure-loving hostess Jen welcomes her guests as friends. Instead of a reception desk, there are tables where guests and staff can check-in using a tablet. Secure and fast Wi-Fi is available throughout the hotel. Mobile charging stations for all common device types provide relief when the battery is low.

The hotel’s process is uncomplicated, friendly, and generous. For example, cups and grab-to-go boxes provided at the breakfast buffet encourage guests to help themselves without additional cost for the morning. Local cuisine in the restaurant is complemented by small kiosks where Jen’s friends can buy salads, sandwiches, and drinks. Living at Hotel Jen should feel like being at home, with a reasonably priced laundry service package, free water in the room, and PressReader, which allows online access to more than 2,500 newspapers and magazines from around the world. The rooms at Hotel Jen Orchardgateway are also spacious, bright, and modern, offering between 27 and 66 square meters of space and state-of-the-art technology. The hotel deliberately opted out of a minibar and turn-down service to ensure privacy remains private.

About Jen Hotels

Hotel Jen offers hotels with a unique style and service tailored to the new “JENeration” of travelers in various cities in the Asia-Pacific region. The brand is based on the virtual character Jen, a hotel operator and hostess who loves life, travel, and discovery. Jen knows what guests want: comfortable rooms with comfortable beds; honest, authentic service; respect, privacy, and efficiency without frills and intrusiveness; cultural experiences; fast, free Wi-Fi everywhere, and excellent value for money.

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