Opening: Luxury Collection Hotel Sanasaryan Han in Istanbul

Roger Hohl
Roger Hohl
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Nestled within the heart of Istanbul’s historic peninsula, the newly opened Sanasaryan Han, a Luxury Collection Hotel, emerges as a symbol of the city’s timeless elegance. This urban sanctuary, a part of Marriott Bonvoy’s prestigious Luxury Collection portfolio, invites cosmopolitan travelers to indulge in a stay filled with discovery and authentic hospitality, all wrapped in thoughtful design.

Istanbul, a dynamic metropolis at the crossroads of East and West, renowned for its historical landmarks, iconic monuments, and rich culinary traditions, sets the stage for the debut of The Luxury Collection in the city. Philipp Weghmann, Vice President and Global Brand Leader of The Luxury Collection, expresses excitement about the hotel’s opening, stating, “Sanasaryan Han, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Istanbul, perfectly embodies the essence of our luxurious hotel collection. It captures the heartbeat of this historic city, offering discerning travelers unique experiences through its dynamic design and curated offerings.”

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Originally constructed in 1895, the neoclassical Sanasaryan Han seamlessly blends the opulent charm of the old city with Istanbul’s cultural heritage. Designed by Ottoman architect Hovsep Aznavur and commissioned by philanthropist Migirdiç Sanasaryan, the hotel stands just steps away from iconic landmarks such as the Spice Bazaar, the Grand Bazaar, the Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia, and the Karaköy district.

Meticulously restored, the hotel pays homage to its historical legacy with a diverse collection of artifacts and antiques. Within its sunlit atrium, a magnificent chandelier presides over elegant furnishings in warm hues, complemented by large arched mirrors adorning the walls. Adjacent to the lobby, a tranquil space curated with books and relics echoes the building’s storied past, having once supported educational endeavors. Rare flowers, handcrafted parchment-shaped ceramics adorned with illustrations and paintings, along with contemporary art installations, grace modern glass display cases. Additionally, the hotel showcases an impressive collection of monochromatic photographs by Harun Doğan, capturing the timeless charm of Istanbul.

The hotel’s 63 rooms, including six suites offering expansive views of the city and large Ottoman arched windows, boast a gentle, elegant design. Featuring a curated color palette of black and cream tones, accented with marble and turquoise furnishings, the rooms exude sophistication. Handcrafted copper accessories pay homage to traditional Turkish customs, while postcards depicting the city add a touch of local charm. Inspired by ancient Turkish hammams, the spacious bathrooms serve as havens of tranquility. Furthermore, the hotel celebrates another time-honored tradition of the city: tea drinking. Each room is equipped with a Turkish tea set, curated by the hotel’s tea master, ensuring guests experience authentic Turkish hospitality. Additionally, the personal concierge service caters to the needs of every guest.

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At the restaurant and bar, travelers can explore Turkey’s rich culinary traditions, with a focus on authentic Turkish cuisine and traditional presentation. Sini, a fine-dining restaurant inspired by the bustling streets of Istanbul, serves typical dishes such as Simit bagels, Lakerda, and signature fish dishes infused with Mediterranean herbs. The vibrant atmosphere of The Library Bar by Sanasaryan hosts weekly cultural events, including theater performances, music, book presentations, and live acts, accompanied by exquisite cocktails and aromatic tea tastings led by the tea master, who shares the history, taste, and background of teas from around the world.

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Designed as a venue for both business meetings and social events, the Book Meeting Room accommodates up to 80 guests. With high ceilings and abundant natural light, this flexible space provides an ideal setting for unforgettable gatherings.

Volkan Öztürkler, Multi-Property General Manager of Sanasaryan Han, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Istanbul, expresses pride in introducing Istanbul’s history, culture, and traditions to worldly travelers, enabling them to immerse themselves in the soul of the city like true locals. He eagerly anticipates welcoming guests seeking transformative and unforgettable travel experiences in the heart of Istanbul.

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