Culinary Gem in Toggenburg (Switzerland)

Roger Hohl
Roger Hohl
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Located just one hour away from Zurich airport and Lake Constance, in the Swiss Toggenburg region, Hotel Hirschen Wildhaus is worth the journey to the mountains. What appears to be a charming hotel set in a picturesque Swiss landscape, is actually a special destination for food lovers.

Chrüter & Choller

The hotel’s bar, CHRÜTER & CHOLLER, has been awarded by “Best of Swiss Gastro” as one of the top three bars in Switzerland in the Bar & Lounge category. The “All Bourbon and Blues” bar offers exquisite spirits as well as casual blues sessions throughout the year.

(c) Hotel Hirschen Wildhaus

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(c) Hotel Hirschen Wildhaus

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Grosis Walt’s Steak Huus & Wy Stube

At “Grosis Walt’s Steak Huus & Wy Stube,” juicy steaks are grilled over charcoal. The owner also serves selected wines from his wine cellar. In collaboration with “Baur au Lac Vins” and as an official ambassador of Champagne Nicolas Feuillatte, the hotel’s host family has opened a small, fine wine shop on site. Wine lovers can now purchase top wines at fair prices at Hotel Hirschen Wildhaus or have them conveniently delivered to their homes.


Breakfast at Hotel Hirschen Wildhaus is served in the style of “Grosi” – the Swiss nickname for grandmother. After all, the hotel is now run by the sixth generation of the family. Grosi Walt knew what tasted good: fresh, seasonal, regional, and preferably organic. The jam recipe from Grosi Walt is unparalleled, and the Swiss braided bread (Zopf) is a must-try. However, people do not just come to Wildhaus to indulge in the cuisine.

Chrüter & Choller – In Blues and Whisky Veritas

The bar at Hotel Hirschen Wildhaus is more than just a hotel bar. It is where whisky lovers (with a selection of approximately 70 whisky varieties), cocktail enthusiasts, and friends of sparkling champagne come together. Those who want to know more can order one of three “journeys” – a potpourri from the world of bourbons, ryes, malts, and rums. “Chrüter” means “black-burned alpine whisky” in the Toggenburg dialect. “Choller” refers to the mountain fever or the blues, though in this case, it is the globally-spanning music rather than the world-weariness. Markedly bluesy tones, exquisite whisky and bourbon specialties, and fine cigars are the components of this unique “All Bourbon & Blues” bar concept.

Toggenburg Organic Grass-Fed Beef Grilled over Charcoal

Thanks to the lush green pastures and gentle hills, the Toggenburg region produces exceptionally high-quality meat. The best cuts of Toggenburg organic grass-fed beef, Black Angus Natura Beef from Starkenbach, and Galloway cattle from Stein are grilled on the “Big Green Egg” charcoal grill at “Grosis Walt’s Steak Huus & Wy Stube.” For years, the host family at Hotel Hirschen Wildhaus has followed the trend of steakhouses worldwide and now takes it a step further by specializing in the preparation of local meat.

After an eventful day, the small but fine wellness attic at Hirschen lures with the largest hot tub in the valley, a sauna, relaxing cosmetic treatments, and soothing massages. The sound wellness treatments are also something special, helping to relax both the body and mind.

Wildhaus is a place for hiking, biking, swimming, and climbing – but also for sitting in the sun and watching and listening.

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