Re-Opening: Restaurant Oro in Venice

Roger Hohl
Roger Hohl
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Hotel Cipriani in Venice (Italy), is renowned for its opulence and timeless charm. Now, with the reopening of its Michelin-starred restaurant Oro, the hotel adds another chapter to its illustrious story. This season, Oro introduces a fresh direction under the leadership of Head Chef Vania Ghedini, in collaboration with culinary director Massimo Bottura, promising an unforgettable gastronomic journey.

A Culinary Visionary: Chef Vania Ghedini

Hailing from Ferrara, Chef Ghedini brings a rich tapestry of culinary influences to Oro. Her new menu celebrates the exceptional produce of the Veneto region, while also paying homage to her roots in Emilia Romagna and her culinary adventures in Morocco. This unique blend of traditions and experiences is set against the stunning backdrop of Giudecca Island, offering diners unparalleled views over the Venetian lagoon.

(c) Letizia Cigliutti / Head Chef Vania Ghedini

A Journey Through Flavor and Heritage

At the heart of Chef Ghedini’s menu is the Tasting Menu, which masterfully blends the past with the present. Highlights include the ‘Moeche’ Egg Sauce with Guanciale and Squid Ink, a dish that features rare Venetian shellfish complemented by rich guanciale zabaione. The Seafood Tortelli showcases the Adriatic Sea’s bounty, with mussels, blue crab, and shrimp shaped into tortelli reminiscent of Moroccan rose-shaped pastries, chebakia. Another standout, the Risotto with Nettles and Morlacco Cheese, emphasizes local ingredients, featuring semi-aged Morlacco cheese made from the milk of the endangered Burlina cows.

(c) Marco Valmarana / Sant Erasmo Artichoke

An À La Carte Affair

Oro’s à la carte menu is equally compelling, with dishes like Lobster Mechoui with Mussel Sauce and Guinea Fowl with Rocket and Horseradish reflecting the vibrant influences of the Venetian Lagoon. The meal concludes with a nod to Chef Ghedini’s childhood and Massimo Bottura’s expertise through the Zuppa Inglese, a dessert featuring layers of Alchermes jelly, chocolate cream, and custard. The innovative Latte 1 dessert, inspired by Chef Ghedini’s newborn and Moroccan heritage, combines steamed saffron biscuits, amlou, dates, and orange blossom.

(c) Marco Valmarana / Risotto with Bruscandoli and Morlacco Cheese

An Exclusive Dining Experience

Oro’s Tasting Menu is priced at 250 euros per person, with optional wine pairings starting at 100 euros for four glasses or 160 euros for seven glasses. The restaurant is open for dinner from Tuesday to Saturday, 7:30 PM to 10:30 PM, welcoming both residents and non-resident guests.

A Culinary Destination Reimagined

As Oro at Hotel Cipriani reopens, it promises not just a meal, but a culinary narrative that celebrates tradition, innovation, and the unparalleled beauty of Venice. With Chef Vania Ghedini at the helm, Oro is set to offer a dining experience that is both profoundly personal and universally exquisite.

For those seeking an extraordinary culinary adventure, Oro at Hotel Cipriani awaits, ready to enchant with every bite. Book your table now to experience the magic firsthand.

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