Dresden Gin House: A delightful island right next to the Frauenkirche

Elmar Hürlimann
Elmar Hürlimann
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The “Gin House” – this bar with a smoker’s lounge is considered a true insider tip for a night out in the Saxon capital. The name of the bar is of course programmatic: enjoying one of the around 100 gins with a sophisticated cigar in a stylish ambiance is pure lifestyle.

This upscale bar – a true enrichment of the Dresden (Germany) astronomic scene – is fully dedicated to the cult drink gin and fine cigars. Those who have not yet experienced the subtleties of the juniper distillate will definitely learn to appreciate it here. It’s not just about a gin and tonic, but also about the house’s own creations. But even those who think they’re on the safe side when ordering their gin and tonic will be surprised: “Which gin? With which tonic?”

Even skeptics are convinced

At the Gin House, there are currently around 100 gin and various tonic varieties to choose from. But thanks to the expert advice of the bartenders, the guest is always on the safe side. Prefer something stronger, more bitter, classic or something more flowery, delicate, sweet? Everyone will find the right drink here, even those who initially approach gin with skepticism. With gin, you’re in good company anyway… Even James Bond liked his drink shaken, not stirred. Even Queen Mum drank her glass of gin every night and lived to be 101 years old.

(c) Gin House Dresden

With style down to the last detail

Dresden’s first Gin House, which is attached to the 5-star superior Hotel Suitess right next to the Frauenkirche, presents itself as elegant. Red, specially designed hand-woven carpets, velvet covers on seating furniture, and wallpapers designed by fashion designer Harald Glööckler exude exclusivity and coziness – a little like in Good Old England.

Thomas Gottschalk’s Cigar

Europe’s most famous TV master, Thomas Gottschalk, contributed to the creation of this unique Dresden location when he wanted to smoke a cigar during his last visit to the “Suitess”. However, the in-house smoking ban prevented his wish from being fulfilled. The solution of the then hotel manager Christfried Drescher: an excellent drop of gin also belongs to a fine cigar – and since gin is absolutely trendy, the idea of the “Dresden Gin House 1820” was born and quickly implemented. Today, the bar is simply called “Gin House”.

About Gin

Gin is made from juniper berries and has a minimum alcohol content of 37.5% vol. The variety of flavors is due, among other things, to the approximately 120 different aromas used to make gin. It is therefore not surprising that over time, the originally medicinal juniper schnapps has developed into a true culinary delight with many surprises.

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