Innovative Meditation App for Airline Passengers

Roger Hohl
Roger Hohl
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ACM Aerospace, a German aviation supplier company specializing in aircraft cabin modification, has launched an innovative meditation app for air travelers, called “activeRest.” The app, which is integrated into the in-flight entertainment system of aircraft, provides tailored feedback to passengers through real-time analysis of their vital signs (ECG).

The “activeRest” app provides guided meditations tailored to individual passengers, with clear feedback provided through visualization of their vital signs. This combination of live vital sign tracking with the entertainment system is a completely new form of interaction for passengers, significantly improving the in-flight experience and overall well-being.

(c) ACM Aerospace

Passengers are invited to complete a short survey within the “activeRest” app, providing information on their age, perceived stress level, experience with meditation, and flight duration. Based on this information, as well as real-time measured vital signs, customized meditation exercises are suggested. Alternatively, a range of standard meditation exercises can be selected from the archive.

The success of the exercises is displayed through feedback analysis. This is made possible by a specially developed sensor textile integrated into the corresponding airplane seats. According to ACM Aerospace, the “activeRest” app promotes health by improving passenger well-being, reducing stress and anxiety, and extending the deep sleep phase (REM).

(c) ACM Aerospace

The origin of this development lies in an innovation initiative by ACM Aerospace, which was started years ago. “Air travelers still experience little innovation that is truly noticeable and adds value on board airplanes,” says a company spokesman of ACM Aerospace. “Through extensive studies and research, we have developed an exciting system that offers advantages for passengers and airlines alike,” the spokesman continues. This transforms ACM Aerospace from a traditional international aviation supplier to a technology developer.

Airlines are increasingly focusing on improving the well-being of passengers. According to Travel Daily News, 55% of adults who have recently flown state that flying is more stressful than going to work and that they feel generally uncomfortable. The National Institute of Mental Health reports that 25% of air passengers experience flight anxiety.

In recent years, the number of adults practicing meditation in Europe and the United States has tripled, and studies have shown benefits for a variety of conditions, including stress, anxiety, and sleep problems. While there are several meditation apps on the market and some airlines integrate meditation videos into their in-flight entertainment system, ACM Aerospace is the first company to launch a meditation app that provides concrete feedback based on the passenger’s vital signs, creating a unique, immersive experience for passengers.

(c) ACM Aerospace

In addition to promoting health, the “activeRest” app provides passengers with a unique interaction with the entertainment system, which individually reacts to their actions and enhances their well-being. This creates a new perception of the airline and leads to higher customer loyalty. The activation and integrability of the app take place via the existing entertainment system, making it easy and fast to use.

The launch of the “activeRest” app marks a significant milestone for ACM Aerospace, transforming it from a traditional international aviation supplier to a technology developer. With the increasing demand for well-being initiatives, airlines are likely to embrace the “activeRest” app, providing passengers with a more relaxed and enjoyable travel experience.

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