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Roger Hohl
Roger Hohl
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When you think of luxury tourism or luxury hotels, you probably don’t think of America or Morocco. America, especially when it comes to hotels, somehow seems stuck in the 90s, and Morocco is in Africa and sounds unspectacular. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. With steady progress, Morocco is becoming a new luxury oasis.

After a three-year facelift, the legendary palace hotel in the Moroccan royal city of Marrakech has regained its place among the most sought-after luxury addresses in the world. The hotel icon is a member of the Luxury Hotels of the World (LHW) and is situated in front of the breathtaking panorama of the High Atlas. Guests are offered around 210 spectacularly beautiful rooms, suites, and riads. Since its reopening, the glamorous history of the hotel has combined with all the amenities of the 21st century to create a unique experience of sensuality, emotion, and enchantment.

Where Prince Mamoun celebrated opulent parties in the 18th century and Hitchcock’s “The Man Who Knew Too Much” was filmed, you now immerse yourself as a guest in a modern fairy tale. The playful decor, the fabulous garden, a 2,500 square meter trendy spa, and a gourmet universe with two celebrated two-star chefs are the highlights of the new La Mamounia.

The Moroccan hotel legend was once again honored with two awards: Best International Spa 2011 and Leading Luxury Hotel in Morocco.

The success story continues: Hotel La Mamounia was once again able to win two titles in the hotel industry’s significant awards in the city of Marrakech. The renowned American SpaFinder magazine named the hotel icon “Best International Spa for 2011” for the second year in a row. In addition, La Mamounia won the World Travel Awards 2011 in the category “Morocco’s leading luxury hotel.”

For the coveted title of American SpaFinder, readers of the magazine choose their favorites based on various criteria, from facilities, ambience, and design to the selection of body and facial treatments and the quality of service and staff. In the overall result, La Mamounia’s spa once again came out on top worldwide. A flair like from One Thousand and One Nights awaits the guest in the spa area, which reflects a fascinating blend of contemporary elements and rich oriental tradition. Three hammams, six outdoor massage pavilions, and two pools entice guests over 2,500 square meters. Over 80 treatments are available, using high-quality products from marocMaroc, Shiseido, and La Ric to spoil you as a guest.

It is truly fascinating that a Moroccan hotel has come out on top worldwide in the area of spas. I, and many others, may have thought little of Morocco in the past, but it is definitely time to take this country and its luxury hotel industry seriously! Perhaps it will soon be a new Dubai?

PS: Despite having solid internet skills, I still could not change the language of the website from French to English, even after several attempts. You could almost think that the hotel is in France. In terms of national pride regarding the language, it seems that Moroccans are not far behind the French.

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