Opening: Restaurant Grace in Berlin

Roger Hohl
Roger Hohl
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Whether city-famous faces or well-traveled cosmopolitans, Hotel Zoo Berlin – the fifth member hotel of Design Hotels™ in Berlin – and Grace Bar have already established themselves as a new hotspot in City West since their opening in November 2014. Now, the starting signal for the Grace Restaurant has been given. In a relaxed atmosphere, it defines a new type in the Berlin restaurant scene with unusual and contrasting flavor combinations: lively and with a sense of the mix of tradition and exoticism.

(c) Restaurant Grace (Berlin)

A culinary journey

The Grace Restaurant menu features creations influenced by Asian, Italian, and national cuisine. The ambitious Grace team in the kitchen combines the different flavors without overloading them and thus gives their compositions a unique signature. They serve, among other dishes, a fruity Yum Yum tomato bisque with giant shrimp, homemade pesto made from Kaffir lime leaves, and coconut cream foam; cod fillet with fennel vegetables in saffron-vongole bath, or crispy fried belly of Livar monastery pig with Hoisin sauce on lukewarm Edamame ragout and mild chili threads. The daily fresh oysters, refined with Sicilian herb butter and baked with Pecorino cheese, reach the guest straight from the oven.

(c) Restaurant Grace (Berlin)

Pleasure for the eye

The Grace restaurant, with 115 seats and two terraces, is located in a 200 square meter, light-filled space on the ground floor, accessible through a separate entrance from Kranzler Eck. White lacquered brick walls, ivory-colored wood paneling, floor-to-ceiling industrial windows, an open fireplace, warm lighting, and mirrors – like the hotel itself, the restaurant bears the unmistakable signature of designer Dayna Lee, based in New York and Los Angeles. To give the Grace a classic yet relaxed atmosphere, Lee designed different islands within the space and chose a color palette of warm beige and brown tones with rich green. In the center, bird cages converted into chandeliers are arranged around benches and velvet armchairs by George Smith. For the area in front of the windows, Lee chose round tables and deep armchairs; two large wooden tables with space for up to twelve people each can be found to the right and left of the passage to the Grace Bar.

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